We are Spotlite

The team behind Spotlite is composed of professionals with multiple backgrounds and various fields of expertise, including remote sensing, data science, software programming, web development, 3D visualization, civil engineering or business development. A team that everyday pursues innovative paths in the New Space sector to create cutting-edge solutions for risk monitoring and infrastructure management.

Our Mission

By harnessing the full potential of satellite data for risk monitoring and assessment, we strive to provide the necessary tools for infrastructure managers and operators to implement timely preventive measures, avoiding critical failures, damages and losses.

Our Vision

A world where critical infrastructures are increasingly safer and more resilient, as they are of the utmost importance for the broader socio-economic development of human communities.

Our Values

The core values at Spotlite are:

  • Innovation - We aim to provide new and more effective solutions for the ever-present challenges faced by critical infrastructures all over the world.
  • Integrity - We affirm our commitment to conduct our actions in an honest, fair and ethical manner at all times.
  • Inclusion - We vow to provide a work environment free of all types of discrimination.


Fotografia de Ricardo Cabral

Ricardo Cabral

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Fotografia de Martino Correia

Martino Correia

Director of Marketing & Co-Founder

Fotografia de Alexandra Sofia

Alexandra Almeida

Director of Operations & Finance

Fotografia de Steffan Davies

Steffan Davies

Director of Engineering

Fotografia de Tiago Cordeiro

Tiago Cordeiro

Director of Product


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ESA BIC Portugal

ESA BIC Portugal

Project SENSEOS - Satellite monitoring for Cultural Heritage


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Photo of Richard Lengrand

Richard Lengrand

Head of Innovation at Egis

Since 2020, Spotlite and Egis have worked together to enhance the monitoring of our motorways using satellites, with the goal to increase the safety of our customers, to reduce our CO2 emissions and to be more efficient. In 2022, Spotlite demonstrated its skills on a project in a complicated seismic area in Turkey, and all expectations were met. Congrats to the Spotlite team!

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